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STooPS, Founder/Director

STooPS connects our neighborhood with a big ol' block party, classes, and opportunities for artistic expression in unconventional spaces.

STooPS hosts an annual arts crawl where local artists present their work outdoors in partnership with residents and local businesses.

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Get a taste of STooPS here


Kendra has facilitated community building workshops, dialogues, and classes centered toward using the arts to make positive change.  Kendra continues this work as she shares the tools her experience in the arts and culture have afforded her.  It is her desire to collectively share and devise ways for us all to improve and thrive.

STooPS' Outer(Art) Space for Community Building & Head in the Clouds

Using the STooPS Annual Art Crawl as a case study, these workshops share tools, strategies, and technoligies for local community building while mining the existing knowledge of the group for mutual learning.

BBHMM: Understanding the Body as Business

Sydnie L. Mosley Dances’ Body Business is an interactive production that re­-envisions economic practices in the arts world and encourages greater transparency of the artist’s experience. With the support of case studies of Brooklyn­-based arts organizations, STooPS and PURPOSE Productions, this dialogue engages artists and community members in a creative exploration of resources and responsibility through the Body Business process and practice.


Available for Panels and Moderation of Performance Talk Backs
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